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Membership Benefits

Global Reciprocal Club membership: A home away from home

As a member of the London Capital Club, you will enjoy reciprocal non-resident Membership in over 250 prestigious private members’ clubs all over the globe, as part of the International Association Clubs (IAC) network. You will enjoy the highest quality of exclusive premises for business meetings, conferences, private get-togethers, accommodation and sports activities.

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Events: An opportunity to entertain clients and to build your network

As a member you will receive a wide range of invitations to exclusive events. In addition to political, economic and diplomatic events we offer a comprehensive cultural programme from Ladies Comedy nights to fine wine tastings. Last but not least our regular “members-get-together” enables you to build valuable contacts with other members.

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Excellent Dining options

The London Capital Club’s kitchen team prides itself on providing the highest quality dining experience. Whether you are looking to have a hearty business lunch at our Tavern Steak & Oyster restaurant, a re-energising afternoon snack in the Club Bar or a luxurious banquet dinner in one of our private rooms – the London Capital Club is the place to be.

Dining at the Club

Broaden Your Business Network

Building networks has never been as important as today. Business men and women from a variety of industries meet at the London Capital Club for private and business interchange. The London Capital Club is one of the few members’ Clubs where business networking is encouraged.

  • Members of the London Capital Club receive priority and preferential rates when booking private rooms for their events. If you plan to book a few large events during the year, the discount could be substantial enough to cover a large part of your membership fee.
  • Complimentary Spouse Membership
  • The Club Bar is a members-only area where you are guaranteed to have a private space to relax, meet clients or get on with some work. Enjoy a selection of high quality beverages and something to nibble on all day between 7am and 9:30pm.

Monthly Credit

Members are encouraged to sign up with direct debit, as this ensures a hassle-free payment on a monthly basis. Statements will be sent to your preferred address either electronically or by post.

Privileges for Cosmopolites

A range of preferential rates and exclusive benefits with associated partner companies, including local hotels, luxury travel providers, car rentals, hotels, health clubs, retail outlets, golf courses and sporting facilities such as VIP sporting events.

Membership Enquiry

If you would like some more information about membership at the London Capital Club, please submit an enquiry and we will get back to you as soon as possible.